About Us

At the Jama Steakhouse we celebrate the combination of red wine and red meat every day!  With our delicious imported steaks and gourmet burgers leading the way, we help create lava-grilled culinary combos for all our guests.

We understand that unlike so many other meals, ordering a steak is rarely just to fill up:  it is a way to treat yourself, to reward yourself, to celebrate a special occasion or the completion of a job well done. And that is where we excel!  We are here to help you to get the most out of your experience, whether it is the proper choice of wine or steak, or which appetizers are sure to please. We love the red+red combination and will do all we can to make sure that you do too!

We hope you have an excellent time here at the Jama Steakhouse, and we want to hear about it.  Please share your experience on Google or Tripadvisor!

The History

We opened our Steakhouse in 2010 to create a venue that focuses on top notch steaks and wines to go with them. Born in Chicago, the city of meat in the US, the founder was raised surrounded by some of the finest steakhouses in America. (In fact many of these establishments have place of honor on our very walls, with their own framed tributary posters.) Over the years, we have fine-tuned our offer and talents, and believe that with us you are guaranteed a top-tier steak and wine experience!

We opened our first restaurant in 1994, Restaurant Jama (The Hollow) and it focuses to this day on burgers, brews and a rockin’ good cocktail. The Jama Steakhouse extends the theme while taking red meat and red wine to the next level: Instead of one steak, five. Instead of only a few wines, many, and ones that are chosen to compliment the tasty food offerings from our grill kitchen.

We retain the music theme and casual dining of the original restaurant, while focusing our energies more on quality beef. Since our inception, we were the first Prague Steakhouse to offer Steak Tasting evenings, as well as steak tastings on our dinner menu. People have been attending beer, wine and whisky tastings for generations, wasn’t it time that grilled beef also had a tasting of its own!? And so it was that our guests could sign up, come in, and during the evening taste up to five steaks, all from different cuts, countries, breeds, or raising techniques.